What Simone Biles taught me about my body

It was a warm Wednesday night and I was all alone in our living room, finishing off the bottle of wine my friend and I shared earlier in the evening. My husband was out of town and my kids were spending the night with my sister. The house was unusually quiet, giving birth to contemplativeContinue reading “What Simone Biles taught me about my body”

When I Stopped Running: Facing Denial and Breaking Cycles

I was in second grade when I thought I was fat for the first time. At eight years old, the societal pressure and overemphasis on appearance had already began framing my opinions of myself. Now, at 34 years old, I’m starting to pick off the scab of denial to address the woundedness festering below. TheContinue reading “When I Stopped Running: Facing Denial and Breaking Cycles”

Semisonic, Ski Lifts and Spiritual Truths: How Being Chosen Changes Things

Michael and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on March 21 with an overnight trip to a ski resort called Peek’n Peak. I had never snow skied before, but picked it up fast and decided it was one of my new favorite things to do. What I picked up quickly skiing-wise, I lacked terribly when itContinue reading “Semisonic, Ski Lifts and Spiritual Truths: How Being Chosen Changes Things”

How I’ve Really Let Myself Go (and what I’m doing about it)

A few weeks ago, I joined one of my friends and her new running group for an easy three miles around downtown. It was dark and cold as we made our way carefully, guided only by the streetlights. I know running in the frigid darkness of a mid-January evening doesn’t sound appealing to most, butContinue reading “How I’ve Really Let Myself Go (and what I’m doing about it)”

New year, new me? How to Embrace a Better Approach to Change

It was New Years Day and my husband arranged for me to spend a night alone in a hotel room. There was no agenda, aside from a massage scheduled the next afternoon. His gesture and my one-and-only new year’s resolution paired like sharp cheddar cheese and a fine bottle of cabernet. After years of failedContinue reading “New year, new me? How to Embrace a Better Approach to Change”

The Year of the &: Five ways to Overcome in 2020

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday in October. I sat at a picnic table at a park 45 minutes from home, accompanied only by my favorite sushi roll, Starbucks drink, Bible and journal. It was my birthday and one of my best friends offered to keep the kids for the afternoon.Continue reading “The Year of the &: Five ways to Overcome in 2020”

How to Let Pain Make you Stronger

I hunched over my kitchen table with tears streaming from my eyes, feeling defeated and hopeless. I was pregnant with our fourth child and our oldest was only five. At the time, our almost-two-year old was—in the kindest terms—completely insufferable. How was I possibly going to bring another baby into this chaos? Not only wasContinue reading “How to Let Pain Make you Stronger”

Why Religion Sucks but You Don’t

There are few things that anger me more than religion. If you’ve read my posts, you’ve probably sensed my faith is important to me. In fact, it’s everything to me. The faith I’m surrendered to has nothing to do with religion. I’m focused on becoming completely untangled from the stagnant, dead branches of religious systems,Continue reading “Why Religion Sucks but You Don’t”

Finding the Skinny Truth in the Thick of all the Lies

I sat in the exam room of my primary care physician’s office, anxious to get the results of the bloodwork my dermatologist had ordered two weeks prior. My doctor came in, frazzled and busy, asking what I was there for. I told him his office had called me to schedule an appointment to discuss myContinue reading “Finding the Skinny Truth in the Thick of all the Lies”

How to Spark Change in a World that has Gone Crazy

I was up late several nights this week, scouring the internet for answers. Big Tech’s censorship of some social media accounts I follow provoked me to lift the rug up in effort to find out what’s been brushed underneath it. I quickly found myself knee-deep in “conspiracy theories” that were truly terrifying. I’m not gullibleContinue reading “How to Spark Change in a World that has Gone Crazy”